Nude of Scandinavia has been creating high-quality, great-looking footwear and accessories since 2010. Fusing our Scandinavian design heritage with outstanding Italian craftsmanship, we create products that you will love for a lifetime.

Our commitment to combining style, quality, and function defines the Nude of Scandinavia range. All our products are lovingly handcrafted by a small-scale manufacturer in Italy. Using only carefully selected materials and suppliers, our team of expertise craftspeople make our vision of quality and chic durability a reality.

Our founders, Angelique and Stefan Thunholm, continue to inspire and lead the concept and design work for all Nude of Scandinavia products. They also keeps an eye on every step of production. Their original idea and continuing passion – to create high-quality, great-looking footwear, bags and accessories to wear everyday and forever – continues to be embodied in the Nude of Scandinavia range today.