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NuDE of Scandinavia

Nude of Scandinavia was created in 2010 by Angelique and Stefan Thunholm, who handle everything from the drawing board to the final stages of production.
By keeping an eye on every step Nude of S. can guarantee flawless products as
well as fair conditions for everyone involved. All Nude of S. products are made
by a few carefully selected partners in Italy.


While Stefan is an experienced salesman and started his career in 1987 in a shoe factory in Italy, Angelique’s background is in the clothing fashion industry.
With their complementary skillsets, the couple have developed footwear together for a number of years, but Nude of Scandinavia is their first own brand.
A true labour of love, the label is born from a desire to make superior products without cutting corners.

In 2010, Nude of Scandinavia was born. The name was inspired by a philosophy of clean design , eschewing unnecessary details and focusing instead on a return to the essential – a ‘naked’ shoe, without unnecessary embellishment.


“We wanted to create a high quality, well-designed product, which is
comfortable, made in a socially responsible way, without compromise”


The brand is characterised by clean lines, simple elements and a bold use of colour, which together give a striking and distinctly Scandinavian aesthetic.

NuDE of Scandinavia emphasis on the highest standards of manufacturing.
Only carefully selected premium leather is used, even all linings are made of
skin or fur, and Angelique and Stefan entrust all their production to a small
number of carefully selected shoemakers in Italy.

By basing production in Italy, Angelique and Stefan can be sure that those making their products have fair working conditions and a safe working environment, while the geographical proximity also means that the couple are able to visit their producers on a regular basis and work closely with them. The result is a product for which the quality can be guaranteed throughout the whole production process, from drawing board to delivery.

“Our products are designed and made to last generations, if you look after them, they will last years”